The Eunoic Story

The beginning

After finishing his MBA in Italy, Andrew de Villiers started Eunoic with the dream of helping companies to prosper sustainably. After seeing too many needlessly operations fail, Andrew set out to create business-focused resources to assist teams and managers to do sustainable business more profitably. 

The journey

The first of Eunoic's pioneering modules was launched after months of hard work. This was an exciting milestone on the road to empowering sustainability teams to move from fruitless box-ticking exercises to becoming indispensable hubs of business-based value creation in organisations. Along the way, Eunoic has helped companies with over a billion dollars in operating profits to create valuable sustainable business solutions.

To be continued...




  • Completed over 50 projects in developed, emerging and developing markets. 
  • Created a sustainable business management system that a client is patenting.
  • Designed innovative business models for public-private partnerships in Italy.
  • Improved a client's investment valuation model accuracy by 6.6% (i.e. $2.3 million for one project).



  • First in his class for the coursework component of his MBA.
  • Recipient of the Golden Key International Honour Award for his MSc.
  • Selected as one of South Africa's "Brightest Young Minds".

Eunoic Products

Premium business-based toolkits

Eunoic's products are for anyone wanting to do sustainable business profitably. The toolkits* are designed and created in Europe, and are relevant everywhere.

Each toolkit and module is based on the latest MBA-level sustainable business thinking. They are packaged in simple and easy-to-use guides that are packed with video tutorials, tools and templates.

* At the moment, toolkits are only available with our consulting services. However, we are planning to launch for-purchase kits in the near future. Stay tuned.



Eunoic exists to Help companies prosper sustainably

Eunoic was founded on the belief that sustainable businesses are profitable and resilient vehicles of positive change in the world. Therefore, we want to help companies prosper sustainably. We do this by giving them the business-based tools and confidence they need to create long-term profits that benefit people and don't hurt the planet.