Who we are

Our aim

Our aim is to help create sustainable businesses throughout the world. Sustainable businesses create sustainable profits, look after their stakeholders and care for the planet.

Our Mission

To help companies create, run and evaluate their businesses sustainably and to help investors find these companies. 

Our Vision

To be the premier online sustainable business innovation consultancy in Europe.

The name Eunoic comes from from the Greek word eunoia (εὔνοια) which means “well-mindedness”.

Our Toolkits



Our toolkits are designed for you and with you. From start to finish, we constantly think of how to make things easier for you, more relevant to you and how to provide you with a winning product that looks after your profits, people and the planet. We take your suggestions into account when we update the toolkits annually so that you have the best information available that's tailored to your needs.


We continually research the best sustainable business management methods, international best-practice protocols and principles, and digital solutions so that our toolkits matter to you, work for you and help you to win.


Our toolkits use design thinking principles, bayesian network models and world-class platforms to create digital tools that help you run your sustainable business profitably. We only work with the best.



Andrew started Eunoic after doing his MBA in Sustainable Business Management in Europe. Having run his own businesses in two continents and working with large international organisations (e.g. the UN, World Bank, multinational companies, etc.), he realised three things :

  1. Sustainable business models are essential to company wellbeing (long-term profitability, resilience, competitiveness, brand perception, etc.).
  2. There is considerable confusion in corporate business about how to do sustainable business properly and profitably.
  3. There is a regrettable lack of good toolkits that help companies do sustainable business well.

This need, the confusion and lack of good service sparked Eunoic's beginning with the creation of three world-class toolkits that help executives and managers to create and run their businesses sustainably.



"I just love it. It's what drove me to do my MBA in Italy and run my own businesses in Europe and Africa. Pouring over international best-practice methods, principles and protocols and seeing how to contextualise them to companies to maximise their financial, stakeholder and environmental value is a deep-rooted passion of mine."


"It's in my blood. I was born on a sheep farm in South Africa. My awe and wonder of nature inspired me to do my MSc in environmental studies. After my MSc, I consulted on large international environmental projects and became a managing director of an environmental consulting company in Africa."


"One key goal of business should be to allow all stakeholders to flourish. I've worked with numerous international organisations to co-create shared value through e.g. city wellbeing initiatives, community-based health programmes and social development projects in Europe and Africa."