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Business resources for creating long-term profits that benefit people and don't hurt the planet. 
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Eunoic Business

A better way of doing business

Sustainable businesses generate long-term profits, are resilient and attract high-quality customers, employees and investors. However, designing and running these businesses can be difficult to do and there's a lot of noise out there. That's where Eunoic comes in. 

Eunoic gives you simple, powerful and easy-to-use resources that help you do good business profitably. Based on the latest MBA-level sustainable business thinking, our resources and advice guide you step-by-step through the sustainable business process: from designing your business to monitoring its performance and communicating results. 

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Sustainable Business

Re/create and run a profitable and sustainable business.

• Business Model Creation and Strategy Design
• Operational Alignment and Optimisation
• Performance Monitoring and Communication

Responsible Investing

Capitalise on sustainable investment opportunities and choose assets wisely.

• Environmental, Social and Governance Inputs
• Risk Screening
• Responsible Investing Advice



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Coming soon

At the moment, toolkits are only available with our consulting services. However, we plan to role out 14 modules in the near future: ranging from sustainable business model design to sustainable performance management. Stay tuned.