Sustainable Business Consulting

Business is changing

so is the planet



Succeed through

sustainable INNOVATion

Eunoic is a sustainable business consulting company that boosts your business's resilience by co-creating beautiful solutions to your context



Eunoic offers

Business Sustainability Consulting

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Analyses

Progressive Business Design

Green Strategy Creation

Business Ecosystem Assessments

Sustainable Innovation Management

Market Research and Penetration Strategy

General Management Consulting



the magic

International best-practice principles and processes

for peace of mind and confidence

Situational analyses

to understand your context

Ecosystem-based Market research

to know where you clients and competition are, and where they will be

Ideation and sustainable Strategy design

through opportunity exploration and proactive process development

execution plans

through pragmatic game plans that help you succeed in the long term

Success monitoring capabilities

through balanced scorecards to show you how you're doing and where you can improve

The Eunoic Difference


What you get

Results that matter

through Eunoic's balanced and progressive world-class approach

State of the art solutions

tailored to your context that promote profits and the wellbeing of people and the planet

Authentic professionalism

because Eunoic is based around genuine relationships

Simplified payment methods

through online invoicing and payment solutions through PayPal

Time and resource Waste reduction

through digital fulfilment and virtual meetings




International sustainable business Training

at Europe's greenest MBA and through courses in the USA, France and South Africa

world-class experience

on international projects with some of the biggest organisations

Creative problem solving

through cutting-edge processes derived from some of the planet's sharpest minds

Solution-driven Innovation

that matters, works and helps you win





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