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Thank you for choosing to try our toolkit. We believe this will be the best sustainable business decision you've made so far this year - with more smart, sustainable and profitable decisions to come as you explore and use Eunoic's resources.

The toolkits' sole purpose is to help you be more profitable in the long-term in a way that benefits people and doesn't hurt the planet. That's something we can all get on board with. In the process, we hope you and your team's business and sustainability knowledge, capabilities and skills will grow as we walk this journey together.

Your company and team are the ingredients. Our toolkits are the recipe and utensils. You are the chef. Let's begin...

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What's in my trial version?

Sustainable Business Model Design Module

This trial toolkit contains Eunoic's 'Sustainable Business Model Design Module'. This is 1 of 14 modules found in our paid versions and will give you a taste of how the toolkits work, with no risk to you. With this module, you will be able to design your new business or project with sustainable profits embedded into its core.

All Eunoic's toolkits are business-based. That means they are geared towards making profits.

Their uniqueness lies in the way they help you do this. The toolkits focus on long-term profitability that promote societal and environmental wellbeing using the best-available thinking and tools. This is the foundation of these toolkits and it permeates every topic and template.


 Each module has the following structure:

  1. Summary (with links to the main sections of the toolkit below)
  2. Introduction (i.e. what the module is about)
  3. Benefits (i.e. why the module is important and how it will improve your business)
  4. Tools (i.e. how to implement the concepts in your business, with templates)
  5. Conclusion (i.e. a brief recap of what was done, why it was done and how it was done)
  6. Links (i.e. to additional resources provided in the Eunoic blog )


All templates are downloadable (PDF).


The toolkits are updated annually to remain relevant and provide you with the best-available sustainable business resources. As these toolkits are created with you and for you, your comments and suggestions feed into the updates.

'Sustainable Business Model Design' Module


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