We love our roots! Born in Bologna

It's appropriate that a sustainable business consultancy starts in a place like Bologna. The city is a place where culture, food, innovation, education and industry have stood the test of time. Bologna has the oldest university in the world, boasting past students and teachers such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Giorgio Armani, Luigi Galvani, Romano Prodi, Laura Bassi, Enzo Ferrari, Dante, Guglielmo Marconi and Petrarch. The region is a hub of industry and innovation, with companies such as LamborghiniDucati, FerrariMaserati, Gruppo HERA and Macron based there.

Sustainability is embedded in the city's DNA. It's a place to draw inspiration from, and to learn and to grow in. Eunoic is proud to have its origins in this iconic city.

Video from Bologna Welcome.

Andrew de Villiers